My Photography Exhibition at Samsara Books & Art

I am really excited to announce my photography exhibition at "Samsara Books & Art"; a concept store / gallery in the centre of Amsterdam. For the month of May, 2021 you can visit this unique store and buy some of my best framed prints from the collection "Amsterdam reflections and Colors of the World". Transforming my digital work into the traditional art is always my priority. That's why my focus at the moment to produce more unique photography art prints or puzzle rather than keeping them as digital. Therefore, It is a really good feeling to have such an exhibition in a world where everything is digitised and even more digitalised.

If you live in Amsterdam or visit here I would definitely recommend you to visit Samsara Books & Art, besides my framed prints, you can also buy some of art, travel books, gifts. If you want to shop online you can also do so with this link.

There is also really nice article about me written by Ambassade Group (the parent company of Samsara Books & Art) stuff with whom I had a great time to create content and brainstorming sessions about the importance of instagram and social media in general.

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